Wind turbine planning issues: radar, aviation and comms
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Wind turbine planning issues: radar, aviation and comms

Wind turbine planning issues: radar, aviation and comms
December 6, 2013 Admin

At Pager Power, it is our mission to assess, identify and try our best to solve the aviation, radar, and telecommunications issues that you may encounter when considering whether to submit a wind turbine planning application. We have over a decade of experience conducting wind studies which has resulted in us building a vast amount of knowledge to help guide you through the planning process.


It is important to assess the severity of any aviation issues early in the planning process to determine the likelihood of a concern proving problematic further down the line.

In some instances an impact upon aviation activity can halt a project at proposal stage; therefore early identification of any issues is key to discovering solutions.

Aviation Planning Issues Wind Farm

In particular the aviation areas to be considered are:

  • Distance from licensed and unlicensed airfields
  • Visibility of turbine to radar and radio navigation beacons
  • Airspace above and surrounding the wind farm

Find out how you can assess your wind turbine for potential planning issues related to these >>


Being detectable to a radar is enough for a planning application not to be granted permission.

Radar Planning Issues Wind FarmEven a proposal for a small wind turbine can cause what is deemed to be unacceptable interference. Some factors to consider when thinking about radar issues:

  • Distance of turbine to radar installation
  • Type of radar
  • Surrounding terrain and other obstructions

Find out more about how to address these planning issues >>


Before submitting a wind turbine planning application, remember to consult with Ofcom and any link operators.

Telecommunications Planning Issues Wind Farm

An issue in this area will not necessarily be severely detrimental to your planning application however the timescales involved and the cost of mitigation solution, if required, are often underestimated.
Allowing time to undertake an assessment is therefore important.

Find out our recommended approach to you >>

TV Interference

It is possible for a wind farm to cause interference to television (TV) reception.

Effects can be in the form of:

  • “ghosting”
  • distortion
  • picture degradation amongst other things

However effects can be predicted at proposal stage, before construction takes place.

Find out what we can do for you >>


  1. Dominic McGovern 8 years ago

    Hi my name is Dominic McGovern from ballinamore co leitrim I am looking to build wind farm and solar farm on my land the farm is faced south good for solar and there was a wind turbine on farm 28 years ago good roads throughout farm and looking to build no 3 wind turbine 2.5 mw total mw 7.5 and 4 mw solar farm looking for price on work for planning permission I talk to co council about it looking to help thank you Dominic McGovern

    • Kai 8 years ago

      Hi Dominic,

      Thank you for your comment, it’s great to see plans for wind and solar developments like this. We have a lot of experience dealing with a range of issues, I’ll get in touch with you via email for some details and see what I can offer. Many thanks,


  2. Eddie 8 years ago

    Hi can I put a small wind turbine on my home just the size of a satellite dish so I can charge my solar batteries in the winter

  3. Danny 8 years ago

    Hi Eddie,

    Thank you for your comment. A variety of factors will determine whether you can put a wind turbine on your property. If you are based in the England or Wales I would start by looking here:

    If you are based in Scotland, I would start by looking here:

    This website also provides a good summary of planning both England and Scotland:

    If you are based in another country I recommend searching ‘planning permission domestic wind turbine’ and your country. Consulting with your local planning authority would be a good place to start also.

    Thanks, Danny.

  4. David Reid 7 years ago

    Can a wind turbine be turned down because it is eyesore or in the skyline viewing

  5. Danny Scrivener 7 years ago

    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting.

    Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are often a requirement for large developments, including wind turbines. This is not an area that we work in, our focus is predominantly on technical issues.

    Thanks, Danny.

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