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Saudi Arabia: Future Renewable Energy King of the World?

Saudi Arabia: Future Renewable Energy King of the World?
April 26, 2023 Aaron Williams

If I were to ask you ‘What do you know about Saudi Arabia?’, the response may typically be something like: ‘Oil’ or ‘Mecca’. The last thing you would likely think of is Saudi Arabia being a leader in renewable energy. Saudi Arabia is the 2nd largest producer of Oil [1], a vital source of non-renewable energy that the world is gradually but slowly trying to wean itself off from. This has led to a significant increase in finance available for investment within the county and abroad [2]. The tide may be turning in this part of the world, and one example of this is the NEOM project. The intention of the NEOM project is to act as a ‘hub for innovation, an entirely new model for sustainable innovation, the vision for a new future’. [3]

What is NEOM?

NEOM is an area of approximately 26,500 square kilometres in the Northwest of Saudi Arabia that has been designated for future development, and most aspects of the project are set to be built by 2030 at a cost of $500billion [4]. The name NEOM derives from the Greek prefix νέο ‘Neo’ meaning new and ‘M’ the first letter of the name of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The three aims of the project are to:

  • ‘Change how the world does business.
  • Change the way we live our lives.
  • Change how we look after our planet.’ [5]

The NEOM project drew most of its attention when ‘The Line’ was announced, which forms just one part of this massive project. ‘The Line’ is a 500m high [6], 200m wide, and 170km long structure designed to provide accommodation for 9 million residents and all the facilities one would require within a 5-minute walking distance. It is intended to be a future city that relies entirely on renewable energy and provides an emission-free environment that does not require roads or cars. High-speed railway will provide travel to each end of ‘The Line’ within 20-minutes. ‘The Line’ will also have an outer façade entirely made up of mirrors, the intention being for the development to blend in with the existing environment. 

Other parts of the project will include the Oxagon, which will feature an octagon-shaped city acting as a hub for shipping and trade. The Oxagon will be a ‘blueprint for advance and clean industries’ [7], and the port and logistics hub that forms the development will be the ‘worlds largest floating structure’. [8]

Finally, the NEOM project will feature ‘Trojena’, a new ski resort in the Sarawat mountain range (which is set to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games), and ‘Sindalah’, an island holiday destination [9].

Solar Development in Saudi Arabia

In recent years, Pager Power has worked on various large-scale solar developments for clients in Saudi Arabia. The NEOM development will rely on solar, wind turbines, and the world’s largest hydrogen plant to provide all its energy needs:

‘Developing 100% clean energy at scale for NEOM and ultimately the entire planet. Via unrivalled wind and solar resources, and through the world’s largest hydrogen plant, we will incubate and accelerate renewable solutions. Our goal is to move beyond zero carbon to a circular economy, using future thinking to drive the change. [10]’

The solar and wind developments are projected to have a capacity of 4 GW [11]


With the NEOM project leading the way for the renewable charge in Saudi Arabia, it therefore, comes to the question: Will Saudi Arabia be the Future Renewable Energy King of the World? 

Pager Power has extensive experience undertaking glint and glare assessments and aviation impact assessments in Saudi Arabia with respect to the evolving aviation sector. If you have a solar or wind development that requires a technical assessment, we are more than happy to advise, so please do get in touch here.

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[6] above mean sea level


Thumbnail image accreditation: screenshot of video produced by NEOM, available at:


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