Aviation Planning for wind turbines
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Aviation: planning issues for wind turbines

Aviation: planning issues for wind turbines
December 6, 2013 Admin

Solutions to Aviation Issues

Early identification of the risks posed to a wind farm development is vital when managing the potential aviation planning issues; especially if your project is in close proximity to an airport.

The two most common concerns are:

  • Effect on radar
  • Safety risks caused by a wind turbine acting as a large physical obstruction

Radar issues can sometimes be avoided in the design phase by ensuring the turbine layout does not cause an impact. Pager Power has the capability to assist developers with aviation issues globally. If you have a site that is located in UK, Ireland, Belgium or South Africa you can rapidly identify initial possible sources of radar and airport concern, by ordering the Aviation Risk Report with Expert Commentary.

Within the Expert Commentary the guidelines published by Civil Aviation Authority and Military Aviation Authority regarding physical obstructions in the vicinity of airports are two things that are considered. This is important since it helps you consider constraints in your early planning stages.

If your site is elsewhere in the world, the best thing to do is contact Pager Power directly.

Development Impacts on Aviation

Airport Planning IssuesWind turbines have the potential to be mistaken for aircraft by radar. This is because many kinds of radar are designed to detect large moving objects and calculate their distance and bearing.

Importantly, such radar do not calculate the height of the object, which is why a turbine can look like a plane at high altitude on a radar screen.

Any wind turbine near an airport has the potential to represent a safety risk to aircraft that are taking off or coming in to land.

You can find out about the impact of your wind development within the Aviation Risk Report with Expert Commentary.

The report identifies the nearby radar installations as well as airports and airfields that you may need to consult. The impact is converted into an overall risk score, helping you to efficiently allocate your resources towards the lower risk sites.

Importance of Airport Consideration

Aerodromes serve a multitude of purposes in countries around the world so it is important to consider all types. Civil airports are fundamental to modern travel; smaller airfields are often used recreationally, while military airfields are important to national security.

Any proposed wind farm that is perceived to pose a threat to aviation interests in the area is far less likely to receive planning permission than a development that does not face such issues. It is therefore fundamental to demonstrate that your proposed development has no issues or that a solution can be deployed to address the concerns.


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