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Pager Power is a dedicated planning consultant, supporting applications worldwide with a focus on wind, solar, property and aviation sectors.

Over the course of 24 years, we have worked on projects in over 50 countries. Key services we provide include assessments for Glint and Glare, Environmental Impact, Aviation, Radar Impact, Radar Interference, Feasibility and TV/Radio Baseline Reports & Surveys. We also offer stakeholder engagement with parties such as airports, telecommunication providers and aviation authorities.


We have undertaken technical works
for a variety of project types across
multiple sectors.

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We have worked with many
developers and consultants of all
shapes and sizes around the world.

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    This month in our Back to Basics series, we uncover the ways in which energy generated by wind and solar farms can be stored and how this technology will shape the future of our energy systems. Learn more: https://www.pagerpower.com/news/back-to-basics-part-4-energy-storage/

    We examine the possibility of harnessing the massive energy output from stars rather than capturing a fraction of the sunlight that reaches Earth. Learn more: https://www.pagerpower.com/news/cosmic-megastructures-dyson-sphere-and-future-of-solar-energy/

    We review a study examining methods to reduce the impact of airfield solar on aircraft and facilitate more renewable energy generation. Learn more: https://www.pagerpower.com/news/balancing-solar-energy-generation-pilot-safety-at-airports/
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