How we work

We are a team of specialists, each expert in their field.  With wide ranging expertise and highly experienced this team delivers truly comprehensive solutions.  From the design and support of our online planning tools, to dealing with complex and challenging planning issues around the world, our customers always benefit from our total resource.

Our consultants are supported by an experienced and dedicated customer service team.  They are there to ensure our commitment to service delivery translates into delighted customers.


The Starting Point

Almost always, the starting point is with our range of online reports. They are fast, accurate and inexpensive. Our user friendly process will lead you to the right report, which in turn will provide the answer or solution to your planning need.


Four Core Online Sectors

We operate in four core sectors online: Wind, Construction, Telecoms and Aviation. By selecting the appropriate industry sector you will be able to identify and select the report you need, or if uncertain select one of the frequently asked questions, relating to your industry. You will then be directed to the appropriate online report, which directly relates to your problem or question.

The report may well suggest that, for planning purposes, the results are not definitive in terms of the possible objections that you may receive. We would then be able to suggest what the most appropriate next steps should be.  


Easily Accessible

The purchased reports are simply accessed by signing in to your dedicated user account with any web enabled device.  They can easily be viewed on or off site with clients and colleagues, as well as at your desk.



We also provide expert support to help you with your planning process. Our consultants are available to offer worldwide guidance by phone, by email or in person.


Consultancy Services

Should you need to address more challenging planning issues, requiring expert input, our consultants have more than fifteen years highly effective experience in our field. In this area, we also conduct Solar PV Glint and Glare Studies.  For more information view Consultancy Services, or for project examples go to Case Studies.

Event Information