Social Responsibilities


Charity Scheme

We think that business is a two way process, so we're pleased to announce the company’s first charity scheme. 

From October 2012 we will be forming a charitable partnership with the River Stour Trust, a local charity (Registered Charity No. 257806), led by volunteers dedicated to the restoration and conservation of the River Stour Navigation for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.


The Trust actively encourages use of the river and particularly promotes the use of small and electrically powered craft that are silent in operation and environmentally friendly. The Trust seeks to reinstate through navigation, improve river access points and campaign for a change to the byelaws in order to permit electric boats on the whole stretch of the River Stour. The Trust raises funds and awareness through many river-based activities and events on or near the river, operates river trips for the public and holds regular working parties to maintain the locks and structure in our care. Find out more.


The River Stour sweeps through Suffolk and Essex in the East of England and passes right by Pager Power Offices which is just minutes from the Trust’s Education Centre. Pager Power will be working closely with the trust to help in their charitable activities in the following ways:

-  For each new individual who buys a report via, or signs up to, Pager Power Online we will donate £1 to the trust;
-  A further £2 if customers provide us with feedback on services;
-  Employees are also looking to help the trust in their free time.


Pager Power and River Stour Trust




Environmental Footprint

We take our environmental footprint seriously. Our office has a collection of photovoltaic panels installed on the large roof space.

Over the 2012 UK Winter months the solar panels have generated over 1000 kilowatt hours.

This is equivalent to the energy in over 1750 McDonald’s Big Macs, the electricity used in a typical home over nearly four months or over 520 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide.

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