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Glint and Glare Assessments – Visual Impact Studies for PV Solar Panel Reflections

Glint and Glare Assessments – Visual Impact Studies for PV Solar Panel Reflections
January 16, 2013 Admin

Pager Power can undertake solar photovoltaic (PV) Glint & Glare and Visual Impact Assessments for your development site. To date Pager Power has completed over 200 studies of this type, and can provide assessments for developments worldwide.

From £1195 - Comprehensive Glint and Glare Assessments are available from Pager Power

Click to view an example Glint and Glare Assessment

The Pager Power Glint and Glare study predicts the vertical elevation of solar reflections for specific solar elevations. It considers considers the likely extent of the suns reflected radiation as well as a high level visual impact upon:

The charts produced from the study provides guidance on expected reflection effects exhibited by the PV panels when in direct sunlight. The solar reflection of a glass surface is highly dependent on the angle of incidence and surface conditions.

Pager Power Offer Solar Visual Impact Studies in Addition to Glint and Glare Assessments

PV panels are designed to absorb light and not reflect it and they have a smooth surface, however this means that incident light from a is re-radiated in a specific direction. The PV panels can therefore cause reflections, however these are significantly less intense than direct sunlight. PV panels typically reflect 2% of incident light. Direct solar reflections will not occur when the sun is obscured by cloud.

Pager Power Experience

Click to read Pager Power’s solar glint and glare capabilities

As mentioned previously, we have worked with developers, consultants and stakeholders and completed over 200 Glint and Glare studies. You can read about 2 projects that we’ve completed assessments for in our case studies:

England, UKClick to read about Sowerby Lodge Solar Development, Cumbria – Aerodrome concerns.

England, UKClick to read about Burnham Wick Solar Farm, Essex – Assessment to address airport concerns.

Republic of IrelandClick to read about Coolroe Solar Energy Development, County Wexford – Assessment to gauge the potential impact on ground based receptors – dwellings and roads.

Please get in contact and our members of staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Email or call +44 (0) 1787 319001Pager Power's Solar Glint and Glare Modelling Tool now takes into account the visible horizon and sun azimuth range


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