Radar concerns have rendered two turbines motionless
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Radar concerns have rendered two turbines motionless

Radar concerns have rendered two turbines motionless
May 27, 2014 Amy Sudbury

“They’d be more use as washing lines.” This is a comment, published in an article on The Telegraph website, from a resident of the Derby City ward where two wind turbines have been constructed, but aren’t yet spinning due to potential radar impacts on a nearby airport. The turbines will be rendered motionless until a mitigation scheme has been approved and implemented. However appropriate measures are being taken to move the project forward.

The story of Winnie and Tony

The two 130m turbines – lovingly named Winnie and Tony by local school children – were granted planning permission conditionally in 2012. In order to get the pair turning, applicant Severn Trent Water has to adhere to a number of conditions; two of which relate to mitigating the potential air traffic control (ATC) radar impact on nearby East Midlands Airport.

The first:

The first outlines that neither turbine is to be erected until the airport had seen and agreed to a mitigation scheme that complies to an ‘Operational Requirement’ document, provided during stakeholder consultation.

After lengthy discussions, and a mitigation scheme proposal for the Thruput Midas system, this condition has only been partially discharged. East Midlands made it known to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) that the level of detail needed to satisfy the ‘Operational Requirement’ document was not there, but then verified that the construction of Winnie and Tony could “take place without impacting on air safety”. Collaboration between the airport and developers is still ongoing to satisfy the remainder of the condition.

The second:

The second condition ensures that the pair can’t become operational, apart for testing, until the LPA has confirmed that the mitigation scheme has been implemented and satisfies the requirements. It is this condition that is preventing the pair from turning safely.

East Midland Airport

The concerned airport in fact has two turbines of its own. It installed the pair of 45m turbines as part of sustainability efforts. They operate safely in the vicinity of the ATC radar.

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