What other services do you offer apart from aviation?

Pager Power can assist with a full range of services including TV, Communication Links (i.e. Microwave, Telemetry and Telecontrol), Shadow Flicker and Environmental Statements. 

Do you offer online services?

Yes we offer a wider range of online studies for wind farm radar, wind farm physical safeguarding, wind farm telecommunications where you will receive your report within 1 hour of order. Find out more for our online services.

I have an MoD objection, can you help?

We would be happy to look at your objection letter and suggest a way forward. Please contact us.

What are protected surfaces?

Protected surfaces are defined by the CAA and ICAO to physically safeguard licensed aerodromes from building developments, including wind turbines. If you are near an airport then it is recommended that you undertake a physical safeguarding assessment.

Can you help with mitigation?

Yes. Pager Power has a proven track record in helping developers find and implement aviation, communcations and TV mitigation. Pager Power was instrumental in finding the Kincardine radar site for Whitelee, has helped mitigate both microwave and telemetry links and assisted developers in both the UK and Ireland in mitigating TV interference.

Please feel free to contact us with any other question you may have.

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