Our Successes of 2012

We have participated in many aviation, telecommunication and radar interference studies over its history. You can find more information about them within our Featured Projects section of the site.

Below, and also on the homepage, are a selection of recent accomplishments resulting from the hard work and dedication of the team.   

Construction starting on Fallago Rig

Fallago Rig wind farm began the construction phase early 2012. We helped the large wind project gain consent by challenging and resolving an air defence radar issue.

Objections were raised by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to the proposed 48 turbine development on the Scottish borders. The primary cause for this decision lay in the potential interference effect on the air defence radar Brizlee wood. We completed technical analysis and appeared at the public inquiry on behalf of the client back in 2008.

Read a news article on the public inquiry

Glasgow Prestwick Airport helicopter flight trial

The arrangement and success of the helicopter flight trial, was used for verification of our radar modelling for Prestwick Airport, Scotland. 

A flight trial can be used to increase the accuracy of and verify radar modelling results for wind turbine detectability. We can advise you on the suitability of this test and arrange it for you. Just tell us about your site using the details on the contact page.

Lilbourne wind farm gains consent

Planning consent granted for Lilbourne wind farm following agreement with Coventry Airport. We helped by participating in the Public Inquiry.

Stornoway planning permission

Stornoway wind farm, to be built on the Isle of Lewis, received consent in September 2012. We supported the developers on resolving radar and communications issues.

The development was suspected to be in radar line of sight to a Scottish meteorological radar, which had resulted in a MOD objection for unacceptable levels of intereference. In response, our consultancy team recommended a radar impact assessment. You can quickly get an idea of whether your turbine may effect a radar yourself using the Radar Line of Sight Assessment.

Gothic Cottage Norwich Airport

The single turbine Gothic Cottage development in Norfolk is now up and generating after our technical aviation radar study and agreement with Norwich Airport following discussions. 

One of our consultancy services is arranging and attending meetings with key stakeholders.

New Radar Line of Sight Report

Previously we had the single page Radar Line of Sight Chart for the UK, but in 2012 it transformed into our worldwide Radar Line of Sight Assessment.

The new comprehensive online radar report launched in late 2012 with a unique algorithm optimized for wind turbines and radar. It includes understandable information on methodology and clear visual representation of whether a turbine is visible to a radar. Read more about the report here.

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