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Wind Turbines & Low Flying Aircraft Guidance

Wind Turbines & Low Flying Aircraft Guidance
July 16, 2012 Amy Sudbury

UK Wind developers of turbines over 300ft (91.44m) are advised to contact the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC) at least six weeks before the first turbine is installed/ removed so that data used in low flight planning can be as accurate as possible. In addition confirmation should be given that the activity has gone ahead.

The DGC is governed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and bears the responsibility of maintaining the Digital Vertical Obstruction File (DVOF). The DVOF is a database of all obstacles and provides the foundation for flight plans, charts and maps. Late turbine planning notification is causing great inaccuracies in this database which in turn can cause unsafe flight planning.

The details that the DGC will need include location, height, proposed date of erection and lighting type. This information should also be relayed back to RAF Low Flying Operations Squadron, local aerodromes and the General Aviation Awareness Council who will inform other necessary aviation parties.


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