Wind Farm Radio Communications Impact in South Africa: How we can help
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Wind farm radio communications impact in South Africa: How we can help

Wind farm radio communications impact in South Africa: How we can help
February 28, 2014 Kai Frolic

What are the issues?

Windmill Turbine South Africa

Windmills may impact upon television and radio communication signals and it is therefore necessary to identify, assess and quantify any effects which may occur.

Broadcast services and point to point communications links are the most common infrastructure to be affected by windmills and interference can appear in the form of minor degradation to a complete loss of signal altogether.

Radio communication waves travel invisibly across a wind farm development site therefore it is always worth investigating whether the presence of a development could affect the transmissions.

Essentially anything that can transmit a wireless radio signal could be affected by the presence of a windmill. For this reason it is important to determine possible effects on the operations of a transmitter or receiver.

How do I know if my windmill will cause an issue?

Radio Communication Link Transmitter Receiver

Pager Power has the ability to undertake technical assessment to determine whether a wind farm could affect radio communications infrastructure e.g. a transmitter.

If an objection has been raised by a communications stakeholder or planning authority we can identify the likelihood of a technical impact occurring and assess whether an issue can be resolved without mitigation.

Pager Power has previously undertaken television interference and wireless communication assessments in South Africa and we can help assess any issues you may have.

How can I overcome an objection?

If it has been determined that an impact or objection is expected due to the presence of a wind farm development, it is likely that mitigation should be explored.

Pager Power can investigate the options available to you, put forward recommendations and help facilitate the implementation of mitigation with the communication stakeholder if required.

How Pager Power can Help Wind Developers in South Africa

Where can I find more information?

Pager Power has built good relationships with developers and communication stakeholders alike in South Africa. More information regarding the issues can be found elsewhere on this website, or we can be reached by email ( or by phone (+44 1787 319 001).

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