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What we do – In Pictures!

What we do – In Pictures!
February 26, 2020 Mike Watson

Explaining what Pager Power does and the services we offer has never been simple. The phrase “Radar Impact Assessments for Buildings” is not always easily digested – and requires further explanation. As part of an upgrade to our website we commissioned Handstand Marketing to prepare new service infographics to explain what we do.

service infographics

The image above explains the types of assessments we provide for developers of large buildings. The next image sets out what we do for developments on or near airports and airfields. Developments could be hangars, car parks, communications masts, renewable energy systems or other structures.

service infographics

The third infographic explains our offering for wind farm developers. This includes advice on lighting as well as radar mitigation.

service infographics

The final infographic explains our services for developers of solar farms.

service infographics

The new website has updated content and graphics and explains what we do much more clearly than our previous site.

To see the new content please explore the what we do section of our website at


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