Weather radar interference concern for Canadian turbines
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Weather radar interference concern for Canadian turbines

Weather radar interference concern for Canadian turbines
March 13, 2014 Amy Sudbury

A proposed 36 turbine wind farm in Canada caused Environment Canada to raise concerns about the development interfering with weather radar, reports the Sault Star in an article published late in February 2014.

The concern regarding the Bow Lake Wind Farm development and the Montreal River Weather Radar (near Sault Ste Marie) specifically was first documented in a report back in December 2012. The report was produced by the radar operators, Environment Canada.

Developer Response

In response to the publication of the Sault Star article one of the two project developers, BluEarth Renewables, has posted a project update offering some more insight into the Bow Lake Wind Project and the Montreal River Weather Radar.

Within the post the company suggests that interest in this topic has been triggered by the Sault Star article which “quoted extensively from an outdated two-year old document.” BluEarth then explain that they have commissioned the relevant work (a study along with consultation) and determined that “the Bow Lake Wind Project is not likely to cause any significant interference with the weather radar.”

Wind Farm Radar Interference

Wind turbines can cause interference to weather radar as well as to other types such a military and civil radar. Therefore we recommend to assess a site for potential interference early on since it can delay or stop a development moving forward.

If, like in the Bow Lake Project, you know the specific radar that is of particular concern you can initially run a Radar Line of Sight Assessment. This will tell you whether a turbine can be “seen”. The results will then help to determine what the next steps are.

Pager Power

We have been providing planning solutions for wind farm radar, aviation and communication interference issues for over a decade. We have worked with developers in many different countries. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help.

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