Pager Power's Assessment of EMI helped Point Wind Farm to become operational
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Wear Point Wind Farm to become operational today

Wear Point Wind Farm to become operational today
May 16, 2014 Admin

Congratulations to Infinergy and John Laing who’s joint venture 4 turbine Wear Point Wind Farm is due to become operational today. It is the result of a lot of hard work!

We are privileged to have been involved in the 8.2MW capacity Pembrokeshire project, assessing the potential electromagnetic interference (EMI), television impact as well as the likely operational effects on the provision of air traffic services from NATS En-Route plc (NERL).

Assessment of EMI

Our analysis helped to optimise the wind farm layout to avoid site constraints. Through surveying and desk based modelling, we were able to assess the likely impact of the 99.9 metre turbines on microwave communication and UHF telemetry links.

Part of this process involved exclusion zone analysis, which identified one the turbines to sit within a telemetry link path of the Join Radio Company (JRC), causing interference. The JRC confirmed our findings that there would be an impact, and a suitable mitigation solution was found in order for the project to progress. (Read more about communications infrastructure, stakeholders and wind turbines.)

Television Impact Assessment

For the Wear Point Wind Farm television impact assessment we conducted surveys to measure television signals in carefully selected locations, and used our in-house modelling tool to predict the interference pattern for serving transmitters.

(Read more about how you can use our services to measure the impact of your project on television signals)

Assessment of NATS Operational Issues

We were commissioned to conduct our own assessment of the likely operational effects from the Wear Point Wind Farm on the provision of en-route air traffic services from NATS (former National Air Traffic Services) En-Route plc (NERL).

This included analysis of cumulative turbine impact, NERL primary surveillance radar (PSR), radio navigation aids, and airspace. The NATS self-assessment tools were used also. You can see our report here.

(Learn about wind turbine aviation planning issues)

Pager Power

Again, we are incredibly pleased that we were able to help another wind farm become operational and well done Infinergy!


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