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Pager Power’s free online Aviation Risk Report goes live

Pager Power’s free online Aviation Risk Report goes live
March 25, 2019 Mike Watson

Buildings, tall structures and wind turbines can interfere with aviation radar systems. Interference typically occurs due to radar signals being blocked or reflected – which can cause a reduction in radar performance.

We’ve developed a report that is free for anyone to use that will help you understand the potential impact of a development project on aviation and radar – something that is vital to a successful development.

Since issues of this nature have been known to delay, or completely stop, projects from going ahead we always recommend that developers assess aviation risk early on. It was because of this, that we developed our online Risk Report in the first place.


free aviation risk report

Figure 1: Example free report

Free online Risk Assessment report

Our new free online report will enable you to assess the impact that a proposed development might have on aviation interests. It identifies radar interference issues at a specific development locations, as well as nearby airports and airfields in the UK. The results can be used to make more informed decisions about the best places to consider for your development.

Take a look at the report for yourself here.

Risk Assessment report features

The report allows you to input selected locations which might be suitable for your development project and the results will inform you of proximity to relevant airports, airfields and radar in the UK.

You can also check whether a known radar will be in the line of sight of your development project. Just input the coordinates as well as height of the development into the form.

Once you have completed the form, hit the submit button and your report will be emailed to you.

This allows potential sites to be evaluated very quickly as once you have submitted a report you will typically receive it in your mailbox within two hours or less.

To use our new free report, click here.

Any questions?

If you have any specific queries about the new Risk Assessment report, please just get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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