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Pager Power at EWEA Offshore 2015

Pager Power at EWEA Offshore 2015
March 11, 2015 Amy Sudbury

From the 10th – 12th March, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Offshore Wind 2015 is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today is day 2 of the event and is poster presentation day, and our Senior Technical Analyst Kai Frolic is there to be the presenting author of Pager Power’s entry.

Conference Centre Copenhagen

Pager Power Poster Presentation

The subject of our poster – below – related to reducing investor risk with a new accurate offshore wind farm radar tool. The improved accuracy would come from incorporating wave and tidal data into radar modelling, proving especially useful for assessments such as Radar Line of Sight analysis.

Pager Power EWEA Offshore Poster 2015Figure 1: Pager Power EWEA Offshore 2015 poster submission.

Wave and Tidal Data Incorporation

The incorporation of wave and tidal data into radar modelling for offshore wind turbine development is a topic that over the last few months we have been investing a lot of time into researching. With renewable interests moving offshore, it is vital that existing tools are updated to fit with changing needs.

Our research and software development efforts have been facilitated by the Supply Chain for Offshore Renewable Energy (SCORE) initiative, for which we are grateful. The SCORE initiative awarded us funding to enhance our radar and aviation software for offshore wind farm analysis. So far we are progressing well, and already improvements have been made.


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