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NATS Assessment (In House)

NATS Assessment (In House)
April 12, 2013 Admin

A NATS (former National Air Traffic Services) report aids the developer by identifying likely NATS En-Route plc (NERL) issues for a proposed wind farm development.

This assessment offers our view on the likelihood of a sustained NERL objection based on the knowledge of historical cases of Pager Power, and factors likely to be considered by NERL. It also outlines various mitigation options that may be required. This document is intended to reduce the risk of any decisions made relating to the development of a particular wind farm.
The report includes:

  • Consideration of coverage from NERL primary radars within 150km of the wind farm.
  • An assessment of other NERL navigation aids within 20 km of this wind farm.
  • An assessment of airspace use and NERL operations in the area.
  • An overview determining NERL’s likely operational decision.

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