Solar Development Ireland Given Planning Permission
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Mountmellick solar farm given planning permission

Mountmellick solar farm given planning permission
May 11, 2017 Danny Scrivener

The solar photovoltaic (PV) development has been given planning consent following some initial concerns from the local councillor and nearby residents[1,2] regarding glint and glare. The development will be located just south of Mountmellick in County Laois, Ireland.

In an article printed in the Leinster Express, it was stated that local residents raised concerns regarding the effects of glint and glare on the Limetree Airfield located approximately 5km east of the solar development site. The Laois County Councillor Paddy Bracken also raised issues with regard to the proximity to local dwellings and roads, and potential glint and glare impacts.

The solar development will likely look similar to the photo shown in Figure 1 below, which shows a typical ground mounted solar development[3].

solar development ireland

Figure 1: Typical solar development

The development has been granted a 10 year planning permission by Laois County Council. The developer demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the council, that the development would not ‘seriously injure the amenities of the area or of property in the vicinity'[4].

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[3] Pager Power photograph.
[4] As per footnote 1.


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