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Decarbonising the UK economy

Decarbonising the UK economy
September 24, 2019 Mike Watson


The UK intends to be carbon neutral by 2050. We take a look at how this policy is likely to impact our customers and stakeholders. We consider Renewable Energy developers, building developers as well as the operators of airports, radar and telecommunications systems.

Figure 1 Solar Panels at Birmingham Airport, UK

Efficient Decarbonisation

Broadly there are three ways of decarbonising:

  • Efficiency – Redesigning systems, processes and lifestyles so that we need less. Examples include improving insultation and reducing food waste
  • Sustainable Technology – Replacing systems, processes and lifestyles that cause carbon emissions with non-carbon alternatives. Examples include generating electricity with solar PV or wind turbines
  • Negative carbon – Establishing systems for removing carbon from the atmosphere. Examples include planting forest or carbon storage systems.

These methods become increasingly expensive – meaning that projects such as insulation deliver carbon savings much more cheaply than carbon capture and storage systems or reforestation projects.

Wind and Solar Developers

There will always be a demand for electricity. Electricity demand generally increases with prosperity but decreases with improvements in energy efficiency. Furthermore electricity demand will increase dramatically for electric cars and other vehicles. The overall demand for electricity is set to increase with a much greater percentage coming from wind and solar sources.

Aviation is set to grow and become more efficient. The conflict between aviation and renewable energy interests is likely to continue – although it will change as radar technology evolves.

Airport Operators

Aviation will remain under the spotlight – as a source of carbon emissions which cannot be stopped effectively. There will be significant pressure on airports and airfields to have wind and solar electricity generation installed.

Property Developers

Property developers will be under pressure to deliver buildings that require minimal energy to keep them comfortable and useable. There will also be pressure to deliver electric charging points and potentially local energy storage.  

How can Pager Power help?

We can help resolve aviation objections to renewable energy developments. We can also help aerodrome operators address technical issues so that they can install on-site renewable energy generation. For more information please contact Mike Watson on 01787 319001.


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