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BAE Systems wind mitigation offering reduced

BAE Systems wind mitigation offering reduced
June 15, 2011 Admin

It is understood that BAE Systems offering to wind developers has been reduced recently – possibly due to issues with software and wind turbine radar analysis. We may have some tools that will help…

The Radar Line of Sight Assessment

Pager Power has a wide range of software for assessing the impact of wind turbines and radar some of which is available online. Our Radar Line of Sight Assessment uses 50m DTM terrain data (for GB analysis) and a weighted average algorithm which gives more accurate results than the nearest-neighbour algorithm used by most other software.

The Radar Line of Sight Assessment also includes details of methodology and a clear visual representation of results presented in a simple format. This makes it understandable to most.

This report is available to use, online, with wind projects being developed internationally.

The Radar Detectability Assessment

The Radar Detectability Assessment takes diffraction into account based on CAA and ITU guidance. Importantly we understand the inner workings of our modelling tools and are able to explain them if required. Informal radar observations have shown a good correlation between our modelling tools and actual wind turbine radar effects.

Pager Power is in discussions with a UK airport and a UK University regarding formal validation of its analytical software.

For analysis outside the UK SRTM data is normally used.


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