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Aviation Risk Report: Single location or area?

Aviation Risk Report: Single location or area?
June 17, 2013 Amy Sudbury

“On the Aviation Risk Report, does it matter whether I put in a single location or an area?” This is a question that we hear quite a bit. In short the answer is: yes, a little. Read more about why below…

How the report works

As soon as you place an order for the Aviation Risk Report, a search of our database begins to find the airfields and radar that surround your site, and that are likely to cause you a problem. These then get listed in your report.

From there, out of the radar list, our algorithm will determine the most likely potentially problematic installations (up to 3) and then perform Radar Line of Sight (LOS) analysis.

Aviation Risk Report Single location or area


Radar LOS analysis location

If you input an area, the LOS analysis will be performed using the calculated site centre of the rectangle, whereas if you choose to enter a single location the analysis will use those specific values. Either way, a  single set of coordinates will only be used.

If you have planned a cluster of wind turbines, then it is recommended that you input the area of the smallest bounding rectangle that encloses them. This is not always the site boundary.

Search area

The scope of the search is based on distance from the location entered. By inputting an area, a somewhat larger distance is covered in the radar and airfield search.

When should I use…

a single location input?
When you have chosen one potential site to place a single turbine.

an area input?
When you have a large multi turbine development. If the site is particularly hilly we would definitely recommend buying the Aviation Risk Report with Expert Commentary. That way our analysts can take a look over the results and suggest the best way forward for you.


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