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Aveillant and Saab Sensis to Collaborate on Wind Farm Radar Solution Demonstration

Aveillant and Saab Sensis to Collaborate on Wind Farm Radar Solution Demonstration
October 29, 2012 Admin

Saab Sensis Corporation is to work together with Aveillant to provide a demonstration of how Aveillant’s 3D Holographic Radar™ can be integrated with existing, operational Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems to remove unfavourable wind turbine interference. Announced by the Saab on Friday 26th October, this collaberation will see showing the effectiveness of removing clutter from both cooperative and non-cooperative ATC surveillance systems.

A non-cooperative system is able to locate aircraft through the reflection of radio waves. This is how Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) work. Saab Sensis will combine surveillance results from Aveillant’s 3D Holographic™ Radar along with Glasgow International Airport PSR (data provided by NATS) and convert them into a compatible All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ASTERIX ATM) format. This process will be carried out using Saab Sensis’ fusion technology.

A cooperative system relies on equipment located inside the aircraft, an example of this is a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR). As a secondary demonstration,  Saab will additionally incorporate Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) in with the PSR and Holographic Radar data. WAM provides a service very similar to an SSR, and uses the idea that if you take the bearing of an aircraft from three individually spread out points, the intersection will show the craft’s position.

It hasn’t been long since Aveillant announced that it will use Cambridge Airport (UK) as a place to showcase it’s 3D Holographic™ Radar for long term optimisation.


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